Brand Protection

In the information age, trademark’s and intellectual property’s protection becomes increasingly important because any kind of goods can be counterfeited and Ukraine is not exception among pirates.

The most affected commodity groups are clothing, footwear, accessories, children’s products, perfumes and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, alcoholic drinks and software.

Any State doesn’t have possibilities and resources to block out such violation that’s why we have developed a system of struggle against illegal imports and counterfeit goods/fakes.

According to the above-mentioned problem our skilled team has appeared. We work only on the territory of Ukraine and we do it effectively and efficiently.


Main goals and results

piracy message on a screen. Computer monitor isolated
01. Fake

We block out any offers of counterfeit products or fakes on the Internet

02. Internet traffic

We stop the flow of customers to the violators’ resources/sites from all possible sources

03. Illegal import

We identify the origin and channels of proliferation of illegally imported products and stop the distribution.

04. Violation of advertising laws

We stop the advertising from unauthorized retailers.

We have developed and launched the innovative BrandProtection platform to recognize and eliminate pirate and counterfeit products and identify intellectual property infringements.
How it works:

1 - 4 Day
01 Stage:
The automatic system collects data on infringements of intellectual property rights and transmits them to our specialists.
1 - 4 Day
5 - 8 Day
02 Stage:
We distinguish official distributors from counterfeit and contraband traders by requesting product documentation.
5 - 8 Day
9 - 14 Day
03 Stage:
Send the requests to eliminate violations.
9 - 14 Day
15 - 20 Day
04 Stage:
If the violation is being carried on - we send a claim to the hosting, marketplace, domain name registrar, processing center of the bank. The procedure depends on situation.
15 - 20 Day
21 - 25 Day
05 Stage:
We inform and/or require search engines to remove url addresses from search and advertising to stop traffic to the violator's resource.
21 - 25 Day
26 - 30 Day
06 Stage:
We apply to the police or to the court.
26 - 30 Day

97-99% of violations are eliminated on the fifth stage mainly.

We keep checking the pages of violators avoiding the re-inclusion. Accordingly the sales of official distributors increase and customers of the brands receive the highest quality services and goods. These one who sells counterfeit or unknown goods would be forced to leave the market and the level of trust in brands will increase significantly.

To order brand-audit for free

We will make a free brand audit in the internet including a report with numbers of violations and will develop an appropriate protection strategy. If any brand is counterfeited it means it’s popular but time works against you. If you don’t deal with counterfeiting and unofficial import problems then soon you can lose your positions and money easily. That’s why it’s important to maintain a «fair market» and take a good care of your buyers.


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    You will receive reports on violations which are being detected and eliminated and will be informed on the current stage of the procedure with every violator.

    We work with maximum efficiency sometimes showing an unconventional approach to solving the problems.

    One-time cleaning will help to get rid of illegal sales channels in the short term but constant monitoring and cessation of violations can significantly reduce the number of fake products.

    Illegal sellers will leave the market eventually because profits won’t exceed the costs incurred in resuming selling.

    Remember to stop illegal sales is easier than regaining trust in the brand.