Sales on the Internet grow fast each year and at the same time sales of counterfeit and illegal products grow fast too cause material damage and reputational risks to famous brands.

In some areas sales of the counterfeit and illegal products reach 90% volume of total selling on the market.

This problem has become a global problem and it affects almost all product groups. The struggle against such a global phenomenon is not already the matter of prestige but the matter of business surviving in general. Certainly Ukrainian market is not so attractive for world-wide brands companies but ignoring the problem becomes already impossible. More and more new sellers appear on the market every day that use the situation for their own benefits and complete absence of a legal control.  The State doesn’t deal with the problem of growing illicit trade and it becomes more global and penetrates into all consumption aspects in the country.  

What we do first:


To screen vendors: authorized seller or not


Sending a request by email demanding to remove goods from online stores, marketplaces, bulletin boards and social media.


Sending DMCA complaints to remove URL from search engines.


Sending complaints to hosting providers and to the domain name registrar if necessary.


Sending complaints to banks and to the processing center.


Appealing to competent authorities with the requirements to identify the origin of the item, certificates of conformity and accounting documents.


Creating thousands of orders per day in the violator’s online store.


We apply a claim to the court according the Article 229 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine 

100% of result is guaranteed because as practice shows 98% of violations are remedied on the fifth stage

After rehabilitation measures of the market are made we keep maintaining its «fairness», good reputation of the brand, increasing official retailers’ sales and building customer loyalty.

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