In the information age we have to protect our rights and trademarks but the best way to protect your intellectual property is when your trademark for goods or services is registered.


We apply an application form on your behalf for trademark registration.


We take under control all stages of the process.


We correspond with the State Enterprise «Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property» (Ukrpatent).


If necessary, we submit additional petitions and conduct all correspondence. We have experience in appellate proceeding and protecting the interests of the owners and holders of intellectual property or trademarks.


We provide brand recognition services making it well known and widely recognized what can give you additional benefits for brand protection.

Even for the owners of well-known brands we strongly recommend to get License on the trademark for goods and services and register all possible domains in popular domain zone.

We’ve got practical experience to resolve domain and intellectual property disputes through adjudication.

Cost of services:

Standard registration of a trademark for goods and services in one cluster (including all fees and our services) – UAH 10 000.00

The cost of accelerated registration procedure (in 8 months) is UAH 15 000.00

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