In today’s world, the culture of consumption is changing very quickly, buying has become much easier, free shipping, gifts, promotions, etc., of course, marketers know their job. And according to data for 2021, more than 41 million people live in Ukraine, this is a huge market for consumer goods, and unfortunately this is used by unscrupulous sellers.

Counterfeits of various qualities, contraband, goods, etc., significantly reduce sales through official channels. If a brand is popular, it is forged, many consumers make informed choices in favor of counterfeits because of affordable prices, but many do not even guess that they have fallen victim to fraud and are sure to use the original until it starts to break after 1 month of active use.

But one thing is for sure: the fewer counterfeit offers, the more they buy from official distributors. Even if a person does not currently have the required amount, he will either accumulate it, or wait for a promotion or sale and definitely get an original product that can meet the needs. In the future, the consumer will remain a customer of the brand, making sure from their own experience of the promised quality.

We have a well-established strategy for trademark protection on the Internet and in offline retail.

Unfortunately, many brands do not deal with the problem of counterfeit and contraband goods, and the so-called «gray imports», when the goods are imported semi-legally, with minimal customs duties.

Now in Ukraine there is just a flourishing of various shops, groups, communities, ads for the sale of such a group of goods, the more the Internet opens up endless opportunities for this.

And Ukraine’s advantageous geographical location provides enormous logistical opportunities, including the illegal import of goods.

A professional team of specialized lawyers will not only register a trademark in Ukraine (the so-called mark for goods and services), but will also be guaranteed to protect your interests, clean the market from unscrupulous sellers, monitor distortions of competition, and most importantly, maintain cleanliness and efficiency. to counteract fans to earn on someone else’s name.

Interaction with government agencies is an important part of brand protection, if the documents are in order, it is much easier to protect your intellectual property rights from encroachment. This broad concept includes not only Ukrpatent (a trademark registration body), but also law enforcement agencies, consumer protection departments, the tax inspectorate and courts of all instances.



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